Our Vision

To provide transportation services in a safe, efficient and timely manner, and to meet and exceed our customer’s demands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide transportation services to our customers safely and efficiently by utilizing quality personnel and resources. Offer cost effective and problem solving solutions that assist our customers in achieving their objectives to provide a rewarding work environment.

Our Core Values

▣ Safety: This is our first priority. We achieve this through training our drivers and employees to focus on driver compliance with all applicable government requirements.

▣ Integrity: This is required in every action our employees do. We believe in conducting our business in a manner that is of the highest ethical standards and beyond reproach. We commit ourselves to honesty and complete impartiality with preferential treatment for none.

▣ Service: This is absolutely the main product we sell. It is our quality of services that set us apart from our competition. We proactively communicate with our customers and drives so their expectations are fulfilled.

▣ Dignity & Respect For All
There is value in the diversity we experience every day. No matter what values an individual holds to be true, in all matters of personal choice, everyone has value and this will be respected.

Our Safety

Our commitment to safety is unrivaled. We exceed expectations – safely. Find out how the Texas Trucking Co., Inc. safety program leads the way to great service.

Driver Training:

Texas Trucking Company driver’s are given a road test prior to employment.  Drivers are carefully selected and if hired, a driver is given additional training specifically for the type of trailer being used.

Infinit-i :
Monthly Online Safety Classes

Ensures drivers have access to over 350+ quality training videos to teach them how to perform the best in their roles. It provides documentation and recording that training took place.

Rand McNally: 
On Board GPS Electronic System
Quarterly Safety Meetings:
  • Safety meetings are an opportunity for management and our safety department to communicate to employees how they can do their jobs safer and better.
  • Safety meetings also allow employees an opportunity to relay safety, health concerns, or improvement ideas to their supervisors.
  • Guest speakers may include DPS officers, Insurance agents, and other safety advisers.