Vintage Ford End Dump Truck

Vintage Beeville Texas Truck Yard 1980's


We Are A Texas Tradition


Texas Trucking Company, Inc., a transportation regulation compliant company, was formed by Roy Perez Sr. and George A. Elizondo in 1976 in Beeville, Texas. Both partners drove their own trucks while continuing to add to the fleet. Roy had been in the trucking business most of his life. George had previous experience in the hotel/motel business.

Most of the early work in the 70’s was in South Texas hauling for the oil industry. Roy and George expanded services to meet the new hauling demands and also to deliver services on time. That meant, working late hours, weekends and holidays to get equipment ready for the following day. At the time, the company owned and operated about 20 trucks.

In the 1980’s, the partners moved into the growing Austin area and slowly began to increase the number of trucks.  It is at this time the trucking industry became deregulated. The Federal Motor Carriers became the new authority.

In 2005, Texas Trucking Co., Inc. purchased property in Georgetown, Texas to establish its headquarters.  Texas Trucking Co., Inc. is conveniently located near IH-35 and SH-195.